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NewASH Team Green Stop

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Welcome to a stop on TEAM GREEN on the New Adult Scavenger Hunt for Fall 2015!

NewASH is over! Thanks for playing!

Team Green

Directions: Somewhere below, you’ll notice that I’ve listed my lucky book number. Collect the lucky book numbers of all the authors on Team Green, and then add them up. (Don’t worry, you can use a calculator!)
Entry Form: Once you’ve added up all the numbers, make sure you fill out the form here to officially qualify for the grand prize. Only entries that have the correct number will qualify.
Rules: Open internationally, anyone below the age of 18 should have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. To be eligible for the grand prize, you must submit the completed entry form by November 2nd, at noon Eastern Time. Entries sent without the correct number or without contact information will not be considered.

Learn more about how to hunt here.


I’m excited to be hosting Nicole Zoltack, author of the Heroes of Falledge series, the latest of which is Scarlet Magi.


Nicole Zoltack loves to write romances, whether they feature knights or barbarians or gentlemen or even superheroes. She’s a tough editor and a voracious reader. When she’s not spending time with her growing family, she loves to go horseback riding, exercise, or go to the PA Renaissance Faire dressed in garb. Her favorite TV show is The Walking Dead.


Falledge needs a new superhero – or superheroine – to save the day.

Enter Justina Paige. Courtesy of Gavina the witch, Justina has a second chance at life. Justina struggles to master her new magical abilities and tries to move on, but she soon realizes that gruesome murders are the result of a twisted super villain. Add the challenge that Gavina had an enemy who seeks her blood and is far stronger than Justina can hope to face and survive.

With the help of a hot newspaper writer and a male witch who Justina — and Gavina before her — is attracted to, Justina does everything she can to try to save the day even as she grows closer to the two men. If she fails, her friends and loved ones may die. She might too. And then all of Falledge will be destroyed.

Nicole provided an excerpt from Scarlet Magi to share with all of you:

Justina’s whole life, she felt as if she lived in her twin’s shadow. Their parents loved Julianna best, Julianna got straight A’s, Julianna could do no wrong.

But it was Justina who Nick fell in love with. Nick Adams, the amazing boy who was just as daring and reckless and wild as Justina was.

We were all best friends.

Until the night I died.

Justina hated thinking about that night. She liked to block it out of her mind. She wasn’t sure where exactly she was now, but she could watch over Julianna and Nick, see what they were doing. Nick’s grief cut through her, and she hated that he seemed to have lost some of his spark.

It didn’t surprise her that Julianna pushed through and became something of herself. And she wasn’t surprised that the two reconnected years later, when Nick returned to Falledge to put a black hellebore flower on Justina’s tombstone.

After all, they had been best friends.

But now… now it seemed like they might be feeling more for each other. And the first time they kissed, Justina thought she might just up and die again.

But now she was back. She was alive again, albeit in a new body. Deep down, she knew Nick still loved her. You never forget your first love, right?

But which twin would he choose? His old love or his new one?

Buy Scarlet Magi here! Or start with the first book in the Heroes of Falledge series, Black Hellebore.

Doesn’t this series seem awesome? I could easily see this being a 5-book series!

To celebrate NewASH, I’m giving away THREE e-copies of A Love for the Pages and one digital download of the A Love for the Pages audiobook!

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Click here to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Now head on over to Kate Thomas‘s site to continue the Hunt!

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NetGalley Users: Review A Love for the Pages

My NA contemporary romance, A Love for the Pages, is available via NetGalley for review requests for one month only:

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Advance Praise

“A Love for the Pages is definitely a contemporary romance, but it’s so unlike other books in the New Adult genre that I’ve read. The inclusion and influence of so many great classics in this story made it something incredible for me.” ~Kristen, Pretty Little Pages

“It has really strong and believable characters. It’s not too long so if you’re looking for a quick, cute, and easy read then I’d definitely recommend this.” ~Katie, Nerd Girl Official

“This was a delightful book and made for a very pleasant evening.” ~Diana, AudioGals

“I enjoyed the Austen aspects of this book. I loved that June comments on how her life has these Austen-esque qualities and any time she talked about her favourite books, I was just instantly connected.” ~Sam, Cherry Blossoms & Maple Syrup

“Even though I had a few issues with this book, I really did enjoy it. I’d definitely read more from the author. And I’d recommend this to any reader that loves a retelling/modernization of the classics.” ~Lindsay, Confessions of 2 Book Lovers

The New Adult Scavenger Hunt!

I’m excited to announce that I’m participating in NewASH, the New Adult Scavenger Hunt, for Fall 2015!

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A Love for the Pages is part of Team Green! The New Adult Scavenger Hunt begins at the witching hour of Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, October 29th and runs through Sunday, November 1st.

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