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A Love for the Mistletoe on Wattpad!

Last Christmas, I participated in a special blog event and wrote the prequel story to A Love for the Pages for existing fans and new fans alike. Now I’ve decided to migrate the story to WattPad, where I hope it reaches a wider audience. Please give it a read, share it with your fellow readers and comment on it! It’s FREE!

new mistletoe cover

A Love for the Mistletoe, A Love for the Pages Prequel Short Story

Set two and a half years before that fateful summer June Eyermann spent at the library, A Love for the Mistletoe is a prequel short story for current fans and new fans alike, telling the story of how June and Sinjin started “sort of” going out in high school.

June, a junior in high school, decides to attend her school’s Holiday Dance stag. She figures at the very least, she’ll have her favorite books to occupy her. Little does she know that the school’s photography club’s “Kissing Beneath the Mistletoe” event will make this a dance she’ll never forget.

This FREE short story is available exclusively via WattPad! Please check it out!