New Paperback Cover! (Sort of!)

The first few weeks of A Love for the Pages‘ publication have been amazing! I’m so grateful to the readers and reviewers willing to give an unknown author a shot. I’ve even had two requests for a sequel centering on a certain character! (Okay, one of those requests was from my mom, but the other wasn’t. 😉 ) I’m genuinely entertaining the idea, even though I never considered it while writing this one. But I have at least two, if not more, other manuscripts I hope to finish first. (One, I hope, I’ll be publishing under the “Joy Penny” name before the end of the year.)

In other news, my paperback won’t be available for sale for a day or two while changes to the cover get uploaded….


How is this any different than it was before? It’s not much. But beside some professional author editing help, this book is a one-woman show! I formatted it and designed the cover myself. So when I got my first paperbacks (see below), it looked nice but wasn’t quite perfect. The cover image is a little off center and cut in places where I’d prefer it wasn’t, and the back text went out further to the edge than I would have liked. Problems solved now, I hope! 🙂 Thank you for your patience while it’s down!




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